Published on April 18th, 2016 | by Deborah Johnson


Your Life, Your Bucket List


What if you woke up tomorrow morning to discover you were now ninety years old? Or what if today you were told you only had one week to live? What would you be content with and what would you regret? We never think in these terms. We assume tomorrow will be the same as today hence we shelve many of our goals and dreams. We draw up a mental wish list then allow life to get in the way and ‘shelve’ that list. This ‘shelving’ may come from lack of funds, lack of opportunity, not enough time or just too many obligations and commitments: Life.

Over the years I have also dealt with too many people who have set their personal goals, dreams and bucket list to the side to accommodate others. This is a wonderful gesture of caring and consideration of those around you but when all is said and done and you discover you truly are ninety years old you want to make sure your memories are not full of regret and longing for what you wish you had personally achieved with your life.

This does not mean you lead a selfish, self-serving life. It means you always manage to find a balance between your wish list and the lists of those around you. One of the most rewarding things you can do is help another fulfill a personal dream of theirs. By the same token though it should always be a two-way street with a ‘give and take’ mindset to ensure everyone is taken into account – you included.

I ask many of my clients to sit down with their partner and/or family and each write out their personal bucket list. This list should include everything from education, finances and career, to travel and personal goals for self and family.

When everyone is finished drawing up their individual list, exchange them with each other. Ninety-five percent of the time others will be surprised by what goals and dreams you have and vice versa. Those closest to you cannot help you fulfill a dream if they don’t know it is in your heart and in your head.  Match your lists and identify similar goals. Then strive to fulfill those first and foremost.

NEVER throw your Bucket List away! Cross items off as you fulfill them. Alter them if they no longer seem appealing to you and add to your list when something new excites and inspires you. Refer to your list often and think of it as an ongoing ‘track record’ of your life. Commit to achieving and crossing off your list at least one goal annually. Commit also to helping someone you love succeed with one of their dreams and goals from their personal list.

Lastly, always remember you came onto this plane on your own, you will depart on your own and only you can define your Bucket List and achieve your dreams (or not). Chart your path and use your List as a guide or road map for yourself. When all is said and done ensure your Bucket List has been emptied and your Bucket of Life is full of amazing experiences, satisfied wishes, acquired wants and accomplished dreams.

Deborah Johnson
Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

About the Author

Deborah Johnson

An Internationally-known Visionary, Medium and Keynote Speaker who utilizes over 20 years’ experience in working with others. Deborah works in person and by phone with clients seeking guidance and direction in their lives and also works extensively with corporate clients offering both an esteem and empowerment based venue, which dovetails effectively with traditional business practices, as well as private consultations focused specifically on the business at hand. A major avenue of interest for corporate clients is HR profiling. This also leads into how business professionals can tap into their own intuition to make the best decisions possible to avoid employee turnover, theft, or simply poor inter-office communications and relationship skills.

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