Published on November 6th, 2015 | by Lynda Pogue


Your biography is your biology

By Lynda Pogue

Hey woman! What’s your vision of your past?
Are you still swooning over that good-looking new teacher?
Are you still laughing at the fun you had?

Sometimes we experience warm memories that generate a kind of longing.

It’s great to visit that moment… share that moment… dream about that moment…

Reminiscing about a past boyfriend? Cuddling a warm puppy? An athletic event in which you participated? A play, choir or dance group you were in? A grandparent’s unconditional love? A poem that you memorized or a picture that you painted?

They’re all a part of who you are. Those nostalgic moments you experienced were simply building blocks that created that beautiful woman you are today!

Treasuring fabulous memories are like keeping dreams alive and this is healthy.

Yet… living there isn’t healthy.

Sometimes you might meet an old acquaintance who talks as though they’re longing for the past. They say things like, “It was all so much simpler then.”

Yes. For sure it was simpler. For a child! However, perhaps, there were adults or older siblings caring for that child for whom things were not so simple.

People who dwell on their earlier years are often sad people… maybe even depressed with today and have become melancholy for their past life rather than recognizing and exploring the nuggets of now. It helps to remember this saying:

The past is gone.
Today is the now.
It’s a gift.
That’s why we call it The Present.

And who doesn’t like presents??? Give yourself one today. In order to keep sweet memories in perspective, perhaps you might get a blank journal and draw or write about those past moments.

Recalling happy times and delighting in those memories are delicious.

Longing for the past and not being aware of the countless number of wonderful glorious positive moments in the present can be toxic. Literally.

Personally… I’ve seen too many people that are bringing misery into their own lives by living in the past. I see my role, as a person who loves and lives life, as bringing those people into the present and having fun with it. Today! Right now!

Truly… is it wise/healthy to be wistful about your past or could it bring you joy and insights into what’s so incredible about now?

I remember someone telling me an important message:

Lynda PoqueYour biology is your biography … and your biography is your biology.

Lynda Pogue,
Writer, Artist, Professor, Keynote Speaker

About the Author

Lynda Pogue

is a popular writer, artist, professor, world-class keynote speaker, consultant, and workshop leader who delights in belly laughs, genuine people, her husband, her family and friendship. She believes in the power of positive energy.

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