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What’s Your Image

My mother was a Couturier Designer and Master Tailor. She gave birth to me, an ultra conservative dresser – I could care less about fashion. My daughter inherited my mother’s flair. Even at eighty-nine my mother still wears her beautiful hats with her curly hair escaping and blowing in the wind, clean white gloves, and dress pumps to church. She is dubbed “the queen mother” by all our friends. Even at 4’8” she has a regal commanding presence. She doesn’t put on airs; it is just her style, quality of clothes, and her charisma.

Those who see her in the garden see a different Ernestine, however, she sports her big straw hat over her curly hair, shorts, halter top, and sandals with hands covered in dirt. She is at home in both images; they are but a small piece of who she truly is. She was an independent parent, a single mom and proud of it too, but no one knew.

Most often when we think of “image” we think of body image and how we portray ourselves to others. But I have found that what people think of me is often NOT how I see myself at all. When I left corporate to become a Reiki and Body Talk practitioner I traded all my suits for track pants and soft fleece casual wear. I thought I had to look like a massage therapist, but that did not feel right. So I upgraded to white flowy guru type clothes to fit into the image of the clinics I was working out of. That too was incongruent, and people sensed it. I am a corporate no-nonsense type gal, I fit in with A-type personalities. I love my pencil skirts, pant suits and heels. Now I am comfortable again. However my wardrobe was only a small piece of who I am, or who I am perceived as. As soon as I became comfortable in who I really wanted to “BE”, others were too; no matter how I dressed, or what people called me.

When we are out of tune with our truth, we feel uncomfortable in our own skin. The negative chatter we hear in our heads isn’t truth; our soul only speaks with love and supportive thoughts.

What about labels? How much of our own image is due to what others have said we are?

A powerful exercise to clean up your image is to write out on individual index cards every “label” you have ever been given. As many as you can think of, write until you are empty. For instance: wife, sister, mother, mistress, girlfriend, ex-artist, dancer, bitch, athlete, ice maiden, strong, weak, needy, confident, fearful, doctor, student, healer, whatever – you get where I’m coming from…. Don’t analyze just write, get it all out!

Then place the word cards on the floor and stand on them. Notice your body’s reaction! Do you feel tall and expansive, or tired and droopy? Let your body energy decide, this is not a head game. This is about feeling your energy, and what you identify as truth on a soul level. For those of you who do body dowsing or muscle testing use that, but if this is new or unknown to you just stand on each label for 10 seconds or so and ask “Is this true for me”. Have two bags ready: one for the keepers and one for the not really me pile. You get to torch the latter. You may be surprised.

What other people think of us is none of our business – who said that?

Jessy MorrisonWe are not the labels others give us!

Jessy Morrison
Body Talk

About the Author

Jessy Morrison

As an Energy Healer Jessy Morrison is an accomplished and beloved Reiki Teacher, a highly intuitive & results oriented Health and Wellness Mentor. Jessy Morrison has helped hundreds of people improve their health and happiness, when doctors gave them NO HOPE of recovery for their allergies, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, menopause...

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