Published on April 18th, 2016 | by Lorraine Leslie


Wedding Themes

Wedding Themes

Wedding can be elegant in

black, white and gold

or as festive as a Mardi Gra…


The atmosphere of your special day is something a bride dreams of for years – some have written a journal with ideas to recreate their special day.  With things like sparkling chandeliers, gold plated cutlery, Edgewood Chrystal and bone china.  A journal can be a great link between the bride and the event planner.  The background for the head table will be an important focal point as all of your guests will be watching every move you make.  Backdrops of sheers draping will create a WOW effect whether on a beach or inside a special room.  Picture flood lights reflecting silhouettes of the happy couple on an oversized screen for toasting the bride and groom.  This will allow everyone in attendance to see the couple kissing…highlighting the pictures of the couple’s journey to the Alter.


Creating a strong focal point is the most important building block for a successful wedding and reception. 

Backdrops, whether on the beach or floor to ceiling sheer draping will give a WOW effect!


Make a list of what you will need to create your wedding theme backdrop:


  • Colour theme is number one
  • Your choice of fabrics should also compliment chair and table coverings
  • Your choice of lighting will create the atmosphere for celebratory dinner followed dancing the night away
  • Flowers on pedestals, soft lit lanterns or extended wall draping behind the main table are all great options


Lorraine Leslie, Publisher

About the Author

Lorraine Leslie

Publisher, Certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Psycho Spiritual Life Coach and Business Mentor founded Women with Vision!® in 1998. Her vision continues to educate, motivate, inspire and promote women of all ages and career backgrounds. As a professional speaker Lorraine helps groups and individuals to understand their true life passion and to bring that passion forward to create the life they want to live. With over 45 years as a Professional Life Coach Lorraine specializes in validation therapy, personal and business development through her writing, television show, conferences and trade shows. In creating a niche market with her Women with Vision!® Magazine she now oversees many Women with Vision!® Networking Chapters. Her philanthropic goal continues as she builds the Women with Vision!® Institute and Bursary that will assist young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 29 to follow their their life and career.

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