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Walk On The Wild Side

Meet Rachel Galea; dedicated foodie and entrepreneur with a wild streak.  Rachel has been nurturing a love of food for many years and has taken that passion to the next level over the past years.  Here’s her story.  Hang on tight; it’s a wild ride!

Rachel_Galea_250Rachel is a working mother of three children ages twenty six, eighteen and six.  Her youngest has special needs and requires special schooling and activities.  While raising her family, Rachel was testing her kitchen skills and attempting to make healthy, organic and tasty meals.  Her repertoire of “gourmazing” creations had friends and family requesting her to host events and gatherings to feature her fare.  Rachel found solace and peacefulness in the comfort of her cozy home kitchen in Terra Cotta.

However, a year-long battle with cancer was a game changer for Rachel as she realized that life was fragile and needed to be fulfilled and lived to its maximum potential.  It was this epiphany that stirred the culinary emotions in Rachel and directed her to take a professional cooking program at Liaison College.  With friends and family encouraging her Rachel embarked on the road of a student at the age of forty three.  Starting a training program and having a student mind-set is daunting:  Will I be able to juggle the classes and my life?  Will I be able to handle the homework and exams?  Will I be able to succeed?  All questions swirling in her mind while her heart said “you can do this”.

cook_wild2The program was intense and challenging, but it was a pleasure to learn about the things that she was passionate about and soon the apprehension and doubts melted away.  Many others in the personal-sized class were also changing careers and taking life-altering steps.  Rachel was not on this journey alone.

In fact, Rachel thrived in her new role as student and quickly became a class leader and innovator.  There were opportunities for Rachel to embrace her creative tendencies and explore her craft in different ways.

One of the biggest re-enforcements of Rachel’s decision to focus on professional culinary training was her instructor’s belief in her skills and enthusiasm.  Rachel demonstrated many key qualities: responsibility, reliability, ingenuity, creativity and determination – traits that were not lost on her Instructor, Chef Felix Sano.  Chef Felix challenged Rachel and offered her the opportunity to work with his catering business, Sano Event Catering Rachel learned to focus on the intricacies of menu and recipe development.  It was during this internship that Rachel realized her abilities and formed a business concept of her own.

Rachel’s Gourmet Gone Wild was formed after Rachel completed her culinary program with High Honours and several prestigious awards including the Women in Food Industry Management Scholarship Award.

Rachel’s Gourmet Gone Wild is a freshly frozen packaged food business where busy families can enjoy delicious meals made with locally sourced and seasonally fresh ingredients.  Some of her signature dishes include Bison Stew and Ostrich Sliders.  All of the meat products are organic, hormone and antibiotic free.  Game meats, by their very nature, are leaner and healthier choices for wholesome eating.  Rachel is attuned to the myriad of dietary needs in today’s market and also features vegan, gluten and dairy free entrées that are feel- good, organic and fresh.

The journey has been challenging and continues to prove that it is life-long.  Rachel is mentoring young foodies and helping them discover and realize their dreams.  Rachel’s Gourmet Gone Wild has a catch phrase:  From my heart to your plate.  Rachel is all heart!

Visit Rachael’s Website >>>

Enjoy Rachel’s Bison Eggs Benedict recipe 🙂

About the Author

Susanne Mikler

a cook with a passion for food, was nominated for 2006 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.Her special interests include Cuisine Canada Culinary, Canadian Chef Educators Association, and Women in Food Industry Management. Susanne is the current president of WFIM: Women in Food Management.She is committed to improving the culinary arts in Canada and passionate about her role mentoring chefs and chefs-in-training.

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