Published on April 6th, 2016 | by Jessy Morrison


Up, Up & Away…

Like most people there have always been some goals I wanted to achieve, or places to visit before I kick this planet. But rather than a list of what I might regret not doing before I depart, (that feels heavy to me), I look at my list  as a record of things that ignited my passions and encouraged me to step away from the “mediocrity” of the roles others wanted me to play. (That energy feels light and authentic to me.) So I ask you, “Do you have an active Bucket List or is it static or always changing?”

My bucket list is very active and helps me to follow my dreams and take steps towards my latest aspirations.

The words “Bucket List”  seem filled with the energy of  sidestepping possible regrets or remorse, a maybe-never kind of  unlikelihood. I could be wrong here; it might be different for you.  My bucket list has always been about looking for possibilities, for aiming at more immediate targets.

When I became a Flight Attendant (when everyone said I couldn’t) so I could travel and experience the world as I saved money to go to med school. I accomplished part one – Stewardess & travel. But part two morphed into working in pharmaceutical marketing & advertising, which then morphed into a new awareness and education and eventually being a trailblazer as an Energy Healer.

Being married was never on my list, but being a mother was. Well “someday maybe…” Yet once I fell in love, being married and having it last 20 years was a beautiful accomplishment, and having two beautiful kids who are my best friends is another miracle I am proud of.

In hind sight I see I am not good with “Someday” lists. When I want to do something it has to be now!!!! What went on my bucket list – being a L aLeche League facilitator ✓. Working on the Celiac board at Sick Kids hospital and lobbying all food manufacturers to bring awareness on gluten intolerance. ✓ (That took 20 years but now it is normal). Opening up a daycare, so I could be a stay at home mom ✓. Becoming an entrepreneur, opening a clinic and making energy work more mainstream ✓. Being a founding member of the Ontario BodyTalk Association ✓.  These are not things I could have put on my list until after they were accomplished, because they hadn’t been invented yet.

Still on my bucket list is a trip in a hot air balloon, – someday before I kick off, because somewhere in time I got the romantic notion that having my ashes taken up in a hot air balloon and scattered in the wind is how I want to depart this planet. And I really do want to do it one day while still breathing but it’s not urgent, it is just an “I’d like to”. Otherwise I just take steps to do what I really want to do. No regrets here.

Perhaps your list is living too, constantly changing or morphing as you gain new awareness or priorities now, not eventually or someday when.

Up, Up & AwayI like to enjoy life now, not live in regret of not having done what is important to me. I have never had axe throwing on my goals list, but once I was given the invitation to do this, it became a definite “yes”. I want to start my own league. Really? Yes and definitely before I go hot air ballooning in Arizona or on Safari in Africa. I may do that when I retire, but oops I don’t plan on retiring any time soon.

Hmm… I guess I should book that hot air balloon ride for this spring, so I don’t get distracted and miss it before I kick this bucket.

Jessy Morrison
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About the Author

Jessy Morrison

As an Energy Healer Jessy Morrison is an accomplished and beloved Reiki Teacher, a highly intuitive & results oriented Health and Wellness Mentor. Jessy Morrison has helped hundreds of people improve their health and happiness, when doctors gave them NO HOPE of recovery for their allergies, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, menopause...

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