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This is the story of a boy and a butterfly……..

Have you ever stopped to think about the life of a butterfly? We all know that the first stage in a butterfly’s life is as a caterpillar and that it has to spin a cocoon, lay dormant for awhile and finally a wonderful process happens and the result is a beautiful butterfly.

So what’s the message?

A young boy was out walking with his mother and he saw a beautiful butterfly. His mother sat him down on a park bench and began to explain how the butterfly starts out life as a caterpillar. She explained that the caterpillar decides when it’s time to rest and they find a comfortable tree or a shady spot and they spin a cocoon – almost like a silken blanket that covers them from top to bottom. His mother explained that the change takes time, and the result is a beautiful butterfly.

The young boy loved the story and wanted to know if he could watch the transformation. His mother agreed and when the time was right they went hunting for a caterpillar.

They found the perfect caterpillar and carefully placed it in a big jar – feeding it leaves and making sure that it had plenty of room to be transformed. The caterpillar began to spin the cocoon and eventually it was completely covered with a silken blanket. There was nothing for the little boy to see, but that silken bundle.

He watched and he waited, checking the jar daily.

One day, he saw the cocoon begin to move, and ever so slowly a small hole was punctured in the silken bundle. He was so excited he could hardly contain himself. He anxiously awaited the “birth” of his special butterfly!

As he watched, the bundle continued to move, but nothing was happening to the small hole in the end….the hours passed and still no butterfly…….he couldn’t understand what was taking so long……

He thought for a moment and asked himself, “What can I do?” He had an idea, he could get his mom’s scissors and help the butterfly get out.

He got the small pair of scissors and quickly snipped a little piece off the end of the cocoon – proud that he was helping his butterfly get out.

He watched the expanded hole and soon out came ……a strange looking creature, not a beautiful butterfly – not with beautiful wings, but an odd shaped and awkward creature.

“Mom lied” he thought and quickly ran to tell her what had happened.

His mother looked at the cocoon and saw the poor unfortunate creature that had emerged. She quietly explained what had happened.

The butterfly must break out of the cocoon without help. With each push and thrust, the butterfly gains strength, develops its wings and gets in shape to be beautiful and able to fly when it emerges……

Susan BakaWhat’s the lesson? Transformation takes time, and sometimes we have to struggle first, before we can fly…..

Sometimes it’s not a helping hand that’s needed. It’s being able to let nature take its course.

Donna Messer, mentor, motivator and lover of butterflies!

Donna Messer
Networking Expert, International Speaker

About the Author

Donna Messer

1937 - 2015. "Speaker", "journalist", "author", "coach", "trainer", "advisor", "facilitator", "mentor" and "leader" are all words that describe Donna Messer to a tee. Look closer, however, and you’ll see that a common theme runs through them all – a love of people. For more than two decades, Donna has been a renowned expert on and promoter of the often overlooked, true currency of business – personal relationships – how to forge, nurture and leverage them to enable those who properly cultivate these relationships to put them to mutual benefit.

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