Published on January 4th, 2015 | by Marilyn Wetston


Transform Your Style

Transform Your StyleLife doesn’t stand still and even when we want to keep things the same our lives move in a new direction. Since dressing is one way we communicate to others and also is essential for our comfort, it is necessary to assess the clothes in your closet and edit when changes nudge you forward.

Expect to do this seasonally. Also a revamp is necessary with a lifestyle change or a change of weight and size. In nature a caterpillar metamorphoses to a gorgeous butterfly and no longer crawls but flies.

A peacock matures to have gorgeous plumes that it fans out for attention when it wishes to share its spectacular show. People don’t grow plumes but can metamorphose by developing the confidence to move their look when necessary.

Reinvent yourself in this new season with a current message. Rather than standing still, gain an understanding of the new fashion trends, work on your inner self and use your clothes with a fresh infusion to make your best statement for this season.

A snake outgrows it skin and sheds it to reveal its newer one that fits its new size. Don’t try to fit your old image or speak a stale message. Take guidance from nature and be fearless. Become your best you and then dress the part. Use new trends and styles to make your second skin and your current statement.

Gained weight? So be it. Resolve to look your best now and work towards your ideal. When you wear clothes that don’t fit your physical size you don’t look good. Dress the woman you are today. Own your look. Don’t shy away from speaking your message clearly. Be seductive. Be strong. Be bold. Be professional. Be the woman you wish to be and don’t be afraid to show different sides of yourself.

Wear your best colors. Add bold bling and frame yourself. Embrace your authentic self and build your look on your solid foundation.

Add glitter, add feathers, and add silk or satin or rustic yarn. Your look is your expression of the you of this moment. Build on the foundation of the woman you have become over time. Stand tall in flats or taller in stilettos. Strategize to dress appropriately for your setting. Never forfeit comfort. Reveal a little cleavage or not.

This season, slide into slim leg pant or boot leg pants, and then complete your look. Go matchy – matchy; or mix prints or colour block. The messages you convey can be infinite. Base them on the woman within. Your look, done right will frame you and others will remember you for looking great rather than for a trendy item you have selected to complete your look.

Marilyn WetstonYou can be fearless. You can be true to yourself. You will never go wrong when you evolve and change to reflect your personal growth and accommodate your environment. Your look will speak volumes and convey your message in a blink.

So be a peacock or a butterfly or a serpent so long as it serves your purpose. Be the woman others admire and wish to emulate. Feel delicious.

Change is growth. It’s a new season and a new year so time to transform and move forward in your life and in the way you wear your clothes.

Marilyn Wetston

About the Author

Marilyn Wetston

Every Saturday morning at 8, Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight FROM A WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE, on AM740, Zoomer Radio. Marilyn is a multi-faceted woman entrepreneur, who is passionate about helping individuals lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life regardless of their age or challenges. She proves that style and function can be combined both in her role as the Wardrobe Doctor and as the Co-founder of the ReliAble Living Centre in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District at 200 Spadina Avenue

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