Published on April 18th, 2016 | by Karen Sencich


Top 10 Tips to Organize Your Bucket List

Here are my top 10 tips for organizing your step by step approach to achieving your bucket list. The list will help you to determine every possible obstacle preventing you from experiencing your lifelong dream, i.e. lack of time or lack of funds. The list offers suggestions to overcome each setback. Good luck!

  1. Write it Down – Note the specific details of your dream and why you want it enough to include it on your bucket list. Is it realistic and attainable? Is the time right?
  2. Tell others – You never know who might be able to help to make your dream happen. My Mother-in-law once told me that her only bucket list wish was to return to Pier 21 in Halifax, the site where she and her family arrived as refugees during WWII. Guess what we got together to give her for Christmas?
  3. Plan a Pilgrimage – Do you desire to visit The Holy Land, Comic Con or Graceland? Search online for church or community groups planning a group pilgrimage. You’ll save by sharing accommodation and enjoy the travel experience more in the company of others who share the same interests.
  4. Buddy Up – If you want to travel or experience snorkelling but you don’t want to go alone, consider sharing your adventure with friends and family members who are older or younger than you. Think outside the box.
  5. Volunteer Services – Network with others about their bucket list wishes. Seek out someone who needs a travel companion i.e. a senior with mobility issues who needs help travelling with luggage, or a young couple needing child care. Volunteer to accompany them in exchange for a small fee so that you both can realize your dream.
  6. Exchange Homes – To lessen the accommodation expense of your plan to travel to exotic and far off locations, search online for home swapping services.
  7. Spend (or Trade) Points – Save or trade travel loyalty points to offset the cost of airfare, hotel or rental car expenses.
  8. Count Your Pennies – Host a garage sale, sell things online, walk dogs, housesit or babysit to earn extra money to fund your dream.
  9. Get Fit First – Boost your exercise and fitness routine to get in shape before mountain climbing, bungie jumping or participating in any extreme sport. Make sure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage as well!
  10. Ask for a Sabbatical – If getting time off work is an obstacle, ask for unpaid leave or offer to bank hours in advance to earn the time off.

Karen Sencich CPO®
Certified Professional Organizer®, Speaker and Writer

About the Author

Karen Sencich

A speaker, writer and an award winning Professional Organizer. Her Havoc to Harmony strategies overcome life's obstacles. She has self-published numerous organizing booklets and she has been featured on Canada AM and in Chatelaine. She provides training through Professional Organizers in Canada and also at Sheridan College.

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