Published on July 16th, 2015 | by Karen Sencich


The Organized Image

Experts inundate business people about the importance of effective branding. How our brand is perceived is often based on our personal appearance and our ability to present an overall organized business image.

Use this 12-point checklist to polish your image until it shines:

1. Media Image – Be honest and upbeat, never flip or sarcastic during media interviews. Create a business biography and media kit highlighting your accomplishments.

2. Networking – Smile, maintain eye contact and present a firm handshake. Develop a sizzling one minute introduction that you can deliver with confidence.

3. Branding by Logo – Develop a clear, conceptualized logo for your website, business cards, stationary, brochures and promotional items. Utilize fonts and graphics that reflect and enhance your company image. Branding by logo is especially important at trade shows and speaking engagements.

4. Messaging – Ensure that your company name, logo and tag line are identified on all business forms, in e-mail signatures and implement welcoming messages on your business and cellular phones.

5. Correspondence – Spelling, grammar and proper format count in business correspondence. The topic selection and content of your newsletter and blog also reflect upon your image.

6. Maintain an Effective Workspace – Minimize paper piles and personal clutter.

7. Personal Grooming – Adopt an easy to maintain hair style and set personal standards for hair care, manicure and oral hygiene.

8. Clothing and Accessories – Maintain a wardrobe that is clean, pressed and in good repair. Opt for fashion styles that flatter you and choose accessories appropriate for each business dress or casual event.

9. Organization – Beyond your personal appearance, others will evaluate you based on the tidiness of your car as well as how fashionable and organized your briefcase and purse appear.

10. Yakkety-Yak – Don’t tarnish your business image by answering your cellphone at inappropriate times. The individuals that you are with deserve your undivided attention, so allow calls to go to voicemail, preferably without a beeping alert.

11. Mind Your Manners – Practise acceptable social etiquette that covers all of the cultures with whom you interact. An etiquette expert can teach you the specifics.

12. Being on Time Matters! Track dates digitally or in a paper planner that includes both business and personal appointments. Build in “wiggle room” so you’ll have time to handle last minute crisis situations and still be on time.

Karen SencichFinally, track the effectiveness of your business and personal image by creating a “Google Alert”. When you register for Google Alerts they will deliver to your inbox a listing of the online articles you’ve published, the events you’ve been associated with and links from any websites that mention you.

Karen Sencich CPO®
Certified Professional Organizer®, Speaker and Writer


About the Author

Karen Sencich

A speaker, writer and an award winning Professional Organizer. Her Havoc to Harmony strategies overcome life's obstacles. She has self-published numerous organizing booklets and she has been featured on Canada AM and in Chatelaine. She provides training through Professional Organizers in Canada and also at Sheridan College.

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