Published on September 6th, 2014 | by Janette Burke


The ABC’s of Hollywood Marketing

The Toronto International Film Festival, Grammies, even the Oscars, celebrities get ready to walk the red carpets at their movie premiers well in advance…of the event. Having experience in hosting and creating a my own television show; just like the publisher of Women with Vision Magazine, Lorraine Leslie, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share with you about the ABC’s of Marketing Hollywood Style.

What Hollywood specifically knows about movie-making pales in comparison to what they know about marketing in general and are able to convince millions of people to leave the comfort of their homes and go to movie theatres to spend thousands of dollars a year so for less than two hours of mediocre entertainment in order to make their promotional efforts pay of.

Janette BurkeIt’s all about Marketing! The way Hollywood markets movies is of great benefit to small business owners. Just like us movie producers wanting to protect their investments in their businesses and turn a profit. So they invest in marketing, national campaigns purposely designed to get a segment of the public, but most important for them to take action. When a new movie is released, you see TV and web advertising around it with the best teaser highlight previews to get you excited. Often these ads are tied-in with fast-food chain promotions making you want to see the movie event even more. At the same time, the stars of the movie make the talk shows rounds. This isn’t a lucky coincidence. Every one of these activities is part of a carefully constructed marketing campaign to make you want to wait in a line-up to watch that movie at the theatre, rent it online, or buy it when it comes out on DVD.

So how can you, the small business owner, possibly compete with Hollywood’s marketing? Well, the truth is you can’t. However you can learn a lot from how they get the job done. It all starts with knowing your customer, and where he or she is most likely to see or hear about your product or service, then creating ways to show up where they are at. Now you likely won’t get booked on national talk shows without a well-written press release conveying your clever pitch, angle, hook or story line supported by a proper media kit, designated media section of your website and targeted media contact list just like that. But you certainly can and should show up on someone’s Google Handout, web-TV series and podcast, as well as in their newsletter. And don’t forget social media posts.

The tick to employing the ABC’s of Hollywood marketing in your marketing is to think bigger, think more and think like a Hollywood producer.

When you do, you’re bound to experience blockbuster results.

So go ahead and shine that inner star!

I look forward to seeing you in the limelight!

By Janette Burke
Marketing/PR Coach, Consultant and Columnist
Host, I’m Every Woman! TV

About the Author

Janette Burke

A branding/publicity consultant, coach, columnist, trainer and speaker and founding publicist of Prime Time PR - a boutique public and media relations marketing firm located in Thornhill."Janette's PR Process" is the comprehensive PR coaching and training program designed exclusively for small and mid-size organizations, entrepreneurs, professionals and book authors looking to get on board with PR

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