Published on April 18th, 2016 | by Laura Hodgkiss


Stay at Home Bucket List?

When we hear “bucket list” we think of experiences we have not yet accomplished, or achievements we want to fulfill within our lifetime.

As we age we should make a list of what we need to accomplish to keep us in our home.

For example:

Did you install the proper grab bar in the bathrooms? Is there a stair lift to help you get from the main floor up to your bedroom? What about a ramp to help you push your walker into your home?  These might not be fun and memorable experiences you thought would be on your bucket list but they are important ones you should try and reach.

We work most of our lives saving for our future, we should be able to enjoy life in the homes that we have worked so hard for, made memories in, and visited with our families for as long as possible.

Items on a bucket list for a senior who is planning to stay in his or her home for as long as possible may include the following.

  1. Install grab bars in all bathrooms
  2. Purchase a bath or shower chair
  3. Consider a personal alarm system in case of an emergency or fall
  4. Install a stair lift to help get up to the top floor
  5. Add a ramp to the porch for easier access into the home
  6. Use a raised toilet seat with arms for extra height and accessibility
  7. Arrange an in home caregiver to assist with daily or weekly tasks and appointments
  8. Use a pedal exerciser to still stay active and help with muscle strength
  9. Mobile scooter for independent transportation
  10. Motion lights for both inside and outside the home for instant visibility in the dark

Living independently and still in your own home is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list.  Year after year everyone’s lives seem to move at a faster pace. Taking care of your health should not be rushed. It is not too late to start living a healthy lifestyle now. For most people this is an obtainable goal if you just follow a few safety tips.  Regular checkups with your family doctor and annual meds checks with your local pharmacist are some of the steps that will ensure a greater future.

Life doesn’t have to be filled with impossible expectations so don’t make living in your home one of them. 

Laura Hodgkiss
Home Health Care Practitioner
Stuart Ellis Pharmacy

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Laura Hodgkiss

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