Published on April 18th, 2016 | by Mary Ann Matthews


So You Have a Bucket List?

Good for you!

… And what about those that do not have a bucket list?

“There is just too much advice out there about how to create that bucket list,” they say.  They are told “Think carefully about what you want!  Don’t be impulsive!  Chase your dream, not someone else’s dream!  Make your goals meaningful and achievable.”

You will hear them say, “Where do I start?  I’m not really sure, so I’ll think about it tomorrow.  I’ll get to that bucket list some day.

I’ll just put off doing it for now.”

These are the procrastinators. 

Procrastinators will defer to tomorrow what should be done today.  They might miss opportunities by doing so, but they can always find a reason for the delay.


I will do it later

Note in the graphic, that the two ‘i’ dots fall behind the stem.  This indicates that the writer will put off doing little things, i.e., “Perhaps I will do my laundry tomorrow, but not today.”

When the t-bar is behind the stem, the writer is telling us a very different story.  Yes, the writer is procrastinating.  This time it’s about something big, not something little, i.e., changing careers, proceeding with a divorce.  This writer knows that once the process begins, a door will close and the writer must move forward.  This writer may say, “I just can’t deal with this right now.”

The writer is afraid that s/he will be criticized or will fail in the process.  So it’s much easier to procrastinate rather than take action.

………..or even develop a bucket list.

Yes, that trail of ink that we leave as our pen travels across the page really does tell our story.

Mary Ann Matthews, CGA
Certified Graphoanalyst
Certified Cursive Coach

About the Author

Mary Ann Matthews

A certified handwriting analyst since 1994, Mary Ann Matthews is the owner of Having a background in Human Resources as the Staffing Coordinator for a major real estate developer, Mary Ann’s area of expertise is in compatibility issues – whether it’s learning about that new person in your life, hiring a nanny for your children hiring a new employee, building a team, or finding out why a person gets along better with some people rather than others.

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