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Singing For My Life … eh

Janet TurnerI like to call this article Vision Forward for a very good reason…

A few years back a good friend of mine helped me out when I was hospitalized from a bad fall – so when she called and asked if I would be interested in interviewing one of the hottest music groups now making its mark across Canada – I was all over it.

Contact was made and before I knew it in two days I was sitting in front of Janet Turner one of the vocalist of an A Cappella Group called eh440. This unique name is a combination of a musical frequency of 440 Hz, is the musical note A above the middle C and serves as a general tuning standard for a musical pitch – but this all Canadian group coined the name eh440 for a good reason; to celebrate that all the singers are Canadians.

Janet was born in late September 1984 in London ON. Always interested in music she entered the Music program at Fanshaw College. After graduation in 2006 she moved to Toronto to land her first job in music licensing. The music business has transformed so much over the past twenty years in paying out royalties to record labels. She works on the business side of music by day and sings by night and on weekends. Copyright on music is complicated for DJ’s, writers, musicians, radios, performances, composers etc. Even each country has its own laws so the recording artists today have a very intricate and technical responsibility to undertake to get paid for their music recordings.

Janet has been singing since she was eleven years old. Her music teacher encouraged her and her interest grew and by grade four her parents also recognized her talent. She participated in elementary school choirs and orchestra through grades five to eight – including her talent to learn how to harmonize with other singers. In high school she took one music class a week and through doing concerts realized she wanted music to be her career – hence she attended a two year music program at Fanshaw.

Janet sang with various groups until some old friends reunited. As groups do, some stay and others go off to find their limelight. She was involved with a ‘sing off” in A Cappella and was the first place winner. This is around the same time some changes took place and the group Pentatonix inspired five young adults to take a new direction – four vocalists and one vocal percussionist (Beat Box Vocalist), my friend’s nephew Luke – eh440 was formed.

Joe is the group’s manager; Mike is a writer and composer; Luke is the beat box expert; Stacey an old friend of Janet’s who used to compete against her in high school – hence they reconnected with each other through Facebook and the rest is history…

Eh440 has entertained for corporate banquets and conferences; at the Danforth Music Festival, on CP24 and on Breakfast TV in Toronto and this past summer in Nunavut on Canada Day 2014 – at the Royal York Hotel and the Weston Harbour Castle and most recently at Blue Mountain Resort at the Village at Blue… they look forward to performing at many other cities and towns across Canada before the year is complete. They are headed to Germany for their first international tour this fall and Janet can’t wait to add this to her impressive resume.

“My goal is to make music my full time career – both with the group and as a soloist. Our non music A Cappella group is unique, energetic, really dedicated, fun and memorable.

It was evident that Janet is a positive and passionate member of eh440. A friendly and organized person who knows the music industry from both the business side and the entertainment side, Janet is truly on her way to performing around the world – now that’s a woman with vision!

About the Author

Lorraine Leslie

Publisher, Certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Psycho Spiritual Life Coach and Business Mentor founded Women with Vision!® in 1998. Her vision continues to educate, motivate, inspire and promote women of all ages and career backgrounds. As a professional speaker Lorraine helps groups and individuals to understand their true life passion and to bring that passion forward to create the life they want to live. With over 45 years as a Professional Life Coach Lorraine specializes in validation therapy, personal and business development through her writing, television show, conferences and trade shows. In creating a niche market with her Women with Vision!® Magazine she now oversees many Women with Vision!® Networking Chapters. Her philanthropic goal continues as she builds the Women with Vision!® Institute and Bursary that will assist young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 29 to follow their vision...in their life and career.

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