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Refresh your Wardrobe

Coulda! Shoulda! Woulda! It is 2016 and spring is here. Another opportunity to step up to the plate and make your clothes into a wardrobe that expresses the person you are today.

WardrobeEach season offers limitless items to wear. Often it presents a dilemma, “Do I wear my same old look or do I venture into new territory?”  Then if change entices you, it becomes a question of what is the best option for you.

You may be one of the people who flip through old photos and wonder why you did not appreciate your earlier beauty in times past, or regret that you didn’t embrace a trend from a previous decade. If such thoughts still resonate with your soul now, then you may be the woman who has added “changing my way of dressing” to your Bucket List.

It has been said that if you were around for a trend the first time you should not opt for it the second time. I beg to differ. Each decade has its own looks. The rebirth does echo the past but it resonates and conveys a current and fresh message you can embrace.

If you were a flower child at heart in the 70’s and never wore the look, take heart, since the bohemian in you can emerge with the help of some of the trends that revisit the 70’s this season.

Yes there are boho flavours. You will find long sleeved shirts with dangly cuffs, small floral print dresses, flare and high waisted pants, bold vertical stripe garments, crochet items and accessories such as chokers, dangly earrings and leather wrap belts. However, before you step back, consider how this look has been re-invented and present it in its new version.  Use it to frame YOU today.

The small floral print dress or loose top of today has attitude and is modern, not aging. It may be off the shoulder or asymmetrical or both! It can be paired with comfortable feet in slides, clunky heels, loafers and even sneakers. Sleeveless ones may be thrown over tees and pants or slipped under cardigans and even smart bomber jackets.

Wish you’d worn a skort? If it is on your bucket list then beyond the tennis and golf apparel, push the refresh button and wear pants of any length under your skirts; the 2016 version will show just the right amount of leg and attitude.

Wish you had adopted the Artisanal items you encountered as you traveled? The world is smaller now and you can select and wear things that speak to you from all over the world, as you embrace the new stylish Global fashion trend.

If in your heart you are a romantic and wished that you had expressed yourself in the romance of 80’s ruffles, feathers, diaphanous chiffons etc, or in the 90’s slip dress 2016 offers you fulfillment. Make your heart sing and wear items that have delicate lace trim and soft romantic touches. The elements of the lingerie of old are now part of delicate looking tops and sensual dresses worn on the outside!

Were you wearing tailored clothing when the world was in denim or slouchy athletic wear? Now is the time you’ll find comfortable denim to enjoy and comfy loose pants and tops that resemble pj’s for street wear.

I cannot list all the trends of today that revisit past times. Regardless of who you are and what you do I encourage you to live life engaged in the present. Use today’s fashion offerings to empower and express the person you have become. When you dress to fulfill your spirit and also appropriately for your life you will achieve the ultimate value of all the apparel you buy – it will make you comfortable as well as nurture you spirit and express all that you wish to share. No need to add to a bucket list – just Re-fresh your look.  Be relevant today and use the items that give you all that a wardrobe should and could so you have no regrets when you look back at spring 2016.Marilyn Wetston

Marilyn Wetston
Wardrobe Doctor of Marilyn’s

About the Author

Marilyn Wetston

Every Saturday morning at 8, Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight FROM A WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE, on AM740, Zoomer Radio. Marilyn is a multi-faceted woman entrepreneur, who is passionate about helping individuals lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life regardless of their age or challenges. She proves that style and function can be combined both in her role as the Wardrobe Doctor and as the Co-founder of the ReliAble Living Centre in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District at 200 Spadina Avenue

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