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Publisher’s Note – Life List

Lorraine-HS-400wLife List…

By Lorraine Leslie

Ah, life!  It’s ours to live as we please… to live, laugh, love and build memories for ourselves and to pass them to all we meet.

I am always amazed  how the flow of each issue of Women with Vision magazine magically comes together… the comfort with which our team of writers (each of whom are professionals in their respective fields) submit their masterpieces to bring insight and create a dialogue among our readership. They express their messages through our unique formats that educate, motivate, inspire and promote people of all ages and from all walks of life.

This issue calls upon the reality of life and how we could spend our time on this planet.  It will encourage you to think of your past, present and future.  And to make choices you may have never considered before.

A phrase that you often hear, since the movie came out a couple of years ago, is ‘Bucket List’. This isn’t a new concept.  We write To Do lists at work because we have obligations and deadlines to meet, or, we post them on the fridge at home to ensure that we get all the odd jobs done (So we can play!).  And then our Play list could be a round of golf, camping for a weekend or simply meeting up with friends after a hectic work week.  Why then, I ask you, are we not taught at a young age how to create a Life List?  I think this kind of list would ask us to keep adding to a checklist of aspirations or desires about what we would like to DO with our lives… and then it’s so satisfying to check off the items as you make some of these things happen!

As you read our feature article about the wonderful Dinah Christie, you will see how her life has branched out and has made her the amazing woman she is today.  I urge you to follow along through the pages with a note pad and pen – I know you will have thoughts pop into your mind and you’ll want to jot something down.  Take the time to think about what you’ve written.  Think of your past and where you’ve been, and, consider who you really are today; then, compose a list of things you would like to do to become the person you want to be.

Just like you, my Life List can be anything I want, need or desire. 

For me, I like to keep things simple…

  • accomplish something new every day.
  • know that I’m making a difference in this fast-paced world
  • leave a legacy (that my children and grandchildren can share with family, friends and colleagues)
  • live today, laugh and love forever
  • travel as much as I can
  • enjoy and respect all that I see
  • be the best that I can be

We are all here to embrace life’s journey and the Bucket List is what we make of it.

Make each day mean something meaningful to you.

About the Author

Lorraine Leslie

Publisher, Certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Psycho Spiritual Life Coach and Business Mentor founded Women with Vision!® in 1998. Her vision continues to educate, motivate, inspire and promote women of all ages and career backgrounds. As a professional speaker Lorraine helps groups and individuals to understand their true life passion and to bring that passion forward to create the life they want to live. With over 45 years as a Professional Life Coach Lorraine specializes in validation therapy, personal and business development through her writing, television show, conferences and trade shows. In creating a niche market with her Women with Vision!® Magazine she now oversees many Women with Vision!® Networking Chapters. Her philanthropic goal continues as she builds the Women with Vision!® Institute and Bursary that will assist young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 29 to follow their vision...in their life and career.

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