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Personal Branding Through Image

What is a Personal Brand?

“Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.”

Emerson’s famous words are echoed in Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message”, which asserts the medium influences how the message is perceived. In personal branding, it means that your appearance and behaviour communicates more than what you actually say.

Personal Branding is the process of establishing an identity where the external image or appearance represents the personality or character. Personal identity has two components: how you see yourself, and how others see you. Your image establishes your personal identity, as it communicates your character or personality.

How Can You Identify Your Personal Brand?

To assess your image, you can ask yourself (or people that you trust) the following questions: What is my perceived…

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Highest level of education attained
  • Abilities
  • Credibility
  • Personality
  • Values
  • Attitudes
  • Level of success
  • Activity or occasion appropriate for

Then make a list – what is your ideal for each of those? The truth of who you are lies in your potential, not your limitations. An image that is authentic is one that matches what it is you truly want for yourself.

How Can You Use Your Personal Brand?

Image can hold you back, or it can propel you forward. If your image represents:

1. Self-sabotage – you may find that you struggle to advance, resent that you need to prove yourself, and justify a lack of opportunities.

2. Your current status – you may feel comfortable and secure, but perhaps also bored, or as if you’ve hit a ceiling beyond which you are not able to expand.

3. Your potential – then you may feel excited and confident about expanded possibilities and opportunities.

So how can you develop the highest level personal brand that is authentic to you? If you believe that “what you think is what you are”, then you may have chosen a path of personal development to become the best possible you. You can also use your external image as a tool to help you move into your potential. Whatever it is you truly want for yourself can be reflected as current reality in your appearance and behaviour. A great image helps you experience your greatness.

An image that gives an impression of being limitless can actually facilitate greater levels of awareness and accomplishment. When the colour, style, fit, attitude and quality of your clothing supports your potential, optimizes your physical being, and inspires your soul, you will achieve a personal style that is authentic, confident, inspiring, effortless, successful and appealing.

Allow your image to enhance and expand your credibility, opportunities, income, and potential. Magnify your success quotient!

Karen BrungerKaren Brunger
Founder and President International Image Institute Inc.,

About the Author

Karen Brunger

is Founder and President of the International Image Institute and international Past-President of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She is a recipient of the international Award of Excellence and was Who’s Who Canadian of the Year for 2009. Karen served as AICI’s international VP Education for four years, where she was responsible for the standards of image training worldwide. She is also a Past-President of the Toronto chapter of AICI. Media-trained, and a regular guest expert, Karen has appeared in most major print and broadcast media in Canada, as well as in international media. She is co-author of Executive Power Image and Bushido Business and is a contributing writer to Active Magazine.

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