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Personal Branding and New Trends

‘Accept what you cannot change and move forward’…

…is a rule that applies to many aspects of life including dressing. We all have been given genes that determine unalterable physical attributes which we need to accept. Beyond these we are all works in progress developing our character, careers and lives as best we can.

We each control our image. We can enhance our assets with make-up, a flattering hair style, and with what we wear.

However, dressing is more than just covering one’s body and staying comfortable, it’s a way we can connect with others and share our unique message(s). It is necessary to accept our physical attributes, admit the deficits, and recognize what needs work, then set goals and work toward being the best we can be.

By examining your wardrobe with an educated eye or with the help of an experienced stylist you can learn how to capitalize on your assets and camouflage the features you need to so you can create balance and symmetry while you control your message.

You also can dress to draw the eye where you want it. Usually it is to create human connection with eye contact. In this way you are able to use your clothing to speak positively before you utter a spoken word and so help yourself market your goods, services, and yourself. The concept is called “Personal Branding”

At the heart of this method of establishing a message with your image is building it on a solid foundation of personal values, experience and knowledge. Integrity is a given. When you present your true self to others, you invite them in, so they trust you and get to know the real you. This leads to solid personal and business relationships. You create an aura that reinforces what you do and how you do it.

So how do you identify your “brand” and make it work for you?

First you must know yourself inside and out. By sticking to your best shapes, styles and colours you can look your best every day.

You can reveal aspects of yourself to establish your business image and reinforce it. For example, if you do something creative you might opt for artistic accessories or stylish clothing to reveal your creativity. However, where you need to establish power and show restraint you may need to dress in more tailored clothing.

By pulling your look together so you are approachable you are able to open lines of communication and share your ideas. In most cases it is helpful to look engaged in life, relevant, and up to date. Being aware of fashion trends and using them to complete your current season’s wardrobe adds this positive flair to your total look.

To speak effectively you need a good vocabulary. To dress well you need the items that speak clearly about who you are and what you do.

Spring/summer trends such as versions of the trouser suit, cropped pants, military influenced clothing, floral prints, embellished denim, bondage elements in clothing and foot wear, as well as embellishments of fringe or accents of lace offer items that can punctuate your existing wardrobe.

It becomes significant to harness the trends so they reflect your intended message and enhance your existing wardrobe. You must train your eye to identify your best options of style and color.

The new spring/summer palette offers lovers of pristine white items to make a head to toe look. Those who crave neutrals can make effective statements in navy or sand or stone grey. Lovers of color will be able to feast on raspberry, mint, tangerine and other cool softer tones as well as comforting warm ones.

Marilyn WetstonIt comes down to understanding oneself completely and comprehending the current trends so that your selections make your statement one you are proud of – true to your brand.

Marilyn Wetston

Wardrobe Doctor of

Marilyn’s in Toronto

Branding expert

About the Author

Marilyn Wetston

Every Saturday morning at 8, Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight FROM A WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE, on AM740, Zoomer Radio. Marilyn is a multi-faceted woman entrepreneur, who is passionate about helping individuals lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life regardless of their age or challenges. She proves that style and function can be combined both in her role as the Wardrobe Doctor and as the Co-founder of the ReliAble Living Centre in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District at 200 Spadina Avenue

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