Published on August 10th, 2015 | by Marilyn Wetston


Mirroring Your Image…

Whether you see yourself in a mirror or in a photo or in the eyes of another, the perception of your image is a perspective unique unto the beholder. It comprises a mood and message dependent upon how you have chosen to present yourself.

For those who have given their message some thought, the way they present becomes an extension of their persona and a way to reach out and communicate to others. In the time it takes to blink, your personal image has sent your message to anyone who glimpses you.

Therefore it is important to understand what you wear and how you wear it contributes to how you speak to the world. Some speak loudly and boldly in vivid colors. Others whisper timidly in pastels. Whether you wish to exude success and opulence or express a modest message or a devil may care one or….the message is yours to express.

You control what the camera or eye captures and how it will be interpreted. Each and every item you add to your wardrobe is like adding a new word to your speaking vocabulary. When what you wear captures your spirit and values, as well as enhancing your total look, it does more than just cover your body. It makes you feel comfortable like a second skin while also expressing elements of the person you are.

To pull your look together requires introspection to gain understanding of your values and personality. It also takes an out of body experience so you can see and appraise your external features including your colouring, your body proportions, your stature and your overall demeanour. It is up to you to use this information to create the image that most fits your personal appraisal and lifestyle needs.

The fashion component becomes one of examining the clothes offered for the current season and determining what, if anything, will help you dress the part you have established as your best present image.

This season offers numerous looks. To each of us they offer opportunity to expand our personal message and build it on the same framework we have already established.

For the gypsy in you – if there is one, bohemia offers exotic prints in soft easy layering pieces: Caftans, vests, suede items, fringes, tassels and more. One element of this fantasy apparel incorporated with more simple classic attire will give a glimpse of your “hippy” spirit.

A black impeccably tailored outfit will give you an opportunity to exude power. Embrace a structured jacket over a fitted dress and be totally at ease at the office.

Opt for a feminine flirty item in lace and express the romance in your heart. A white lace underpinning will totally merge power-dressing tailored items and your feminine romantic side.

Wear a relaxed trench to cover up all your looks and be stylishly ready for all weather and all occasions. How you wear it will send your message. When it is buttoned and tied properly it will say I am prepared. When it is open and falling softly it will say I am approachable and relaxed. As always how you wear your clothing will relate to the image you are building.

To express your spirit of adventure you could opt for either a new cropped cut wide leg trouser or its total opposite, a slim ankle grazing pant. Each relates differently and will add to your ability to communicate with your wardrobe.

Belted tunics, wrap skirts, military jackets, jumpsuits and more are offered to any woman wanting a new look. The choice is yours to make. Opt for the items that flatter your shape and that fit your lifestyle.

Don’t forget color. Select those that enhance your natural gifts and those that bring you eye contact.

Susan BakaIn the end your closet is home for your unique wardrobe. The individual items will be yours to use to establish your specific message each and every day – your best image.

Marilyn Wetston, Branding Expert
Wardrobe Doctor of Marilyn’s in Toronto

About the Author

Marilyn Wetston

Every Saturday morning at 8, Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight FROM A WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE, on AM740, Zoomer Radio. Marilyn is a multi-faceted woman entrepreneur, who is passionate about helping individuals lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life regardless of their age or challenges. She proves that style and function can be combined both in her role as the Wardrobe Doctor and as the Co-founder of the ReliAble Living Centre in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District at 200 Spadina Avenue

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