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Melanie Case – Best Case Scenario

Best Case Scenario

Melanie CaseThese days it’s not uncommon to hear the term “multi-tasking”. Most of us do it. For a great many of us, long-gone are the days when an individual worked one occupation for his or her entire career, retiring at 65 with the gold watch and a comfortable pension. Trending these days are folks working multiple jobs out of pure financial necessity. Sweet it is, however, when one’s daily and weekly multi-tasking is a collection of jobs you just llllooooovvveee to be doing! Enter, Melanie Case.

Melanie is a Manitoulin girl. Life growing up on the island was good and happy. Amidst all the regular childhood experiences and pleasures, she recalls feeling confident that somehow she’d end up working in some sort of limelight. It’s clearly a craving that some have.

Media became her thing early out of the gate. After studying Journalism at Loyalist College, she streamlined a bit more, graduating from Fanshawe College, completing a course in Television Journalism. Of course the next logical thing to do was to jump on a boat and go see the world. Not really – but that’s kinda what Mel did. Accepting a position in Marketing & Promotions for a major cruise line had her travelling to just about every port o’ call the world has to offer! Nice!

Melanie On SetFate was kind to the Simcoe County area, what with Melanie eventually landing in that general vicinity. For a few years, her love of travelling, media and the isle of Java all played out in a combination of jobs – part of her weeks being spent at Rogers Television, part working at a travel agency, and a BIG part co-managing and running her own retail shop “Java Soul” on Collingwood’s main strip.

Now, paying careful attention…her work on Rogers morphed from hosting “Simcoe Living” to “Georgian Bay Life” and finally, to “Daytime” – in just a few brief years. Hers has become a face that many of us readily recognize. More recently her voice has become one we also readily recognize – as we rouse our weary bodies from beneath the sheets and blankets each morn. You see, at the end of 2013, Mel joined Corus Radio as a News Journalist. In recent months, this position has also morphed – into one half of “John & Mel” in the mornings on 95.1 The Peak FM – the “John” part being John Eaton.

She is a busy lady.

Her weekday mornings start early – really early! Work at The Peak FM begins around 5:00 – that’s in the a.m.! When that’s all wrapped up for the day, she high-tails it to Barrie to co-host Daytime on Rogers – then booking future guests well into the afternoon. Oh — almost forgot to mention – she has her own video production company which she operates with the assistance of the love-of-her-life, Les. The man of her dreams – he jumps out of planes for a living. I suppose it’s not out of line to say that he fell for her…

So…what’s trending in the life of Melanie Case? Doing a ton of what she loves to do!

Melanie & John Eaton   Melanie & Will


Susan BakaDean Hollin
Singer, Playwright and Live Stage Performer

About the Author

Dean Hollin

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Dean began his theatrical career during his high school years and continued his performance studies working in various community theatres wherby he honed his skills both on and off the stage. One of his primary training grounds was Hamilton Theatre Inc., which prior to and during his tenure (1985-1993) were in the practice of retaining various New York/Broadway talents to direct and choreograph their musical productions. He considers himself extremely fortunate to have worked with the likes of John Sharpe (Bob Fosse's assistant choreographer for films such as Cabaret), Jack Timmers (MGM contract dancer and Stage Manager for original Broadway production of Annie), Edie Cowan (choreographer for original Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors), Michael Mann (original Broadway production of Barnum), and Rudy Tronto (Director of sketches for Broadway's Sugar Babies starring Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller, for which Rudy received a Tony Award nomination).

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