Published on January 1st, 2015 | by Deborah Johnson


Living Your Life is One Exciting Transformation!

By Deborah Johnson

For most, transformation and change means being taken out of your comfort zone, upset in some way, and something to go through as quickly as possible so you can ‘settle’ again.

If we think about it though, life minute to minute is change and transformation. Every new conversation we have, every day’s simplest events cause small changes in us; how we perceive, think, act and decide. We are ever evolving, learning and growing whether we realize it or not.

On a spiritual level we are meant to experience, share and change while we spend our time here on earth. It is these changes in ourselves we take with us in energy form to the other side when we pass.

These changes stay with us in our subconscious forever. As we transition from one life to another, physical form to spirit and back again, these experiences remain embedded in our psyche, are the building blocks of our very essence and define who we truly are.

In today’s society it is not realistic to assume one will have just one career path. Our world is changing and advancing so rapidly, it is quite conceivable that our youth will experience at least three or four different careers in their lifetime.

For many this would be a daunting thought. Far too often I work with teens whose biggest fear is ‘what if I make the wrong choice and choose the wrong path’. On a soul and spirit level any path and all paths are the right path of you at that particular point in your life. All you have to do is embrace the path you are presently on, draw from it what you need, then welcome change and transition when it comes and step into the change.

Transition is the actual essence of ‘living’ your life here not just existing. Our spirits seek transition for growth and development while our conscious minds and fear of the unknown (what if I fail?) hold us back and make us resist what is the natural course of our lives; transition and transformation.

If we change our mindset to one of seeking out, embracing and enjoying change in and around us, we will discover how much more easily our lives will flow and new and exciting opportunities will automatically find their way to us. We will stop fearing, longing, seeking and struggling. We will become excited and inspired at new prospects and develop an ‘I wonder what is around the next corner’ attitude with anticipation rather than apprehension.

Welcome change and transformation in yourself and those around you. For your spirit’s sake, take on what excites and inspires you, whether it resonates with others or not. Walk the path your soul has chosen at a subconscious level and you will discover a personal deep-rooted contentedness with whom and what you are. Define success and happiness by your benchmark alone, not by someone else’s. Be who you want to be.

Transformation means living not just existing your life! Deborah_Johnson

Deborah Johnson
Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

About the Author

Deborah Johnson

An Internationally-known Visionary, Medium and Keynote Speaker who utilizes over 20 years’ experience in working with others. Deborah works in person and by phone with clients seeking guidance and direction in their lives and also works extensively with corporate clients offering both an esteem and empowerment based venue, which dovetails effectively with traditional business practices, as well as private consultations focused specifically on the business at hand. A major avenue of interest for corporate clients is HR profiling. This also leads into how business professionals can tap into their own intuition to make the best decisions possible to avoid employee turnover, theft, or simply poor inter-office communications and relationship skills.

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