Published on April 18th, 2016 | by Monica Gibson


Living your Bucket List?

Living your Bucket List? Don’t let real estate be your excuse not to!

The term bucket list has different connotations for each person as it tugs at the core of our being.  On the one hand the bucket list conjures images of daring feats we have yet to experience or the deep longings we have yet to allow ourselves.  On the other hand, we are inextricably reminded of our mortality.  We can live in denial of the tension and aliveness that this creates, or we can dive in and truly live our deepest desires. 

How does this relate to our homes?  Well, it is in our homes that we spend considerable time and fly from in order to live in the world.  The question is, how does your home align with your bucket list?  If your home is in alignment with these desires it becomes a haven that supports you in your daily life.  If not, it can become a source of stress.

Stress can be minimized by taking some time to reflect on what is important to YOU.  Sometimes we can fall into making our decisions from a place of what other people think is right or just do what we think we SHOULD do.  Your living arrangements, like the things on your bucket list, are for you, no one else.  Take the time to consider if you need, for example, 4 bedrooms, or just think you should have them because it means you are successful.

Do you have a bucket list?  Do you long to travel?  Are there activities or hobbies you want to experience?  Get clear on some of this and then examine your living arrangements.  If travel is a priority this can be made easier when your home does not require ongoing maintenance like lawn care and snow removal.  Perhaps a move to a townhouse or condo, where these jobs are tended to for you, would be most practical.  If your passion is gardening or an outdoor life, then a property equipped to allow for this would be more suitable.  Another option might be to sell your current home and move to a place on your list, or look into a reverse mortgage so that you can continue to live in your current home but get money out.

Whatever stage of life you are in, getting clear on your goals and desires will assist you. The degree to which your home lines up with your life, will free you to really experience what you want and not leave you making excuses for why you can’t experience the things you say you want to.  There are options and having a plan or a bucket list will help you make those items on your list disappear one by one. 

Monika Gibson
Sales Representative
Century 21 Millennium, Collingwood

About the Author

Monica Gibson

A Sales Representative with Century 21 Millennium Inc. Monika’s expertise in Real Estate, combined with her knowledge of the Georgian Triangle Area and a passion for working with people and helping them make their dreams come true, makes her a wise choice if you are considering buying or selling.

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