Published on September 1st, 2014 | by Deborah Johnson


Living Life’s Simplest Essence


Somehow in the process called life we seem to have forfeited the basics of what living life is meant to be. Instead, we have unintentionally placed our focus and energy on striving, struggling and pushing for that better life and monetary gain toward a social and media driven benchmark. We have to a great degree, lost the essence of caring, sharing and enjoying the simplest of pleasures.

We have forgotten that we can actually turn our phones off, thereby turning a portion of our obligations, commitments and pressures off. Our pace of life has become so hectic that we no longer drive our lives, our environment drives us.

When I connect with those on the other side their messages are words of advice and wisdom from a spiritual perspective, as one would stand atop a mountain and be able to clearly see and understand the lay of the land before them.

Such is the vantage point from the other side so their messages to those still living often express embracing life fully, taking time to connect with family or simply stopping to smell the roses a little more often. Why is it so important to those on the other side? Perhaps they have regrets or perhaps they hope their words will prevent a loved ones’ misgivings after they pass.

Living life isn’t about running the race like a hamster on a treadmill. It isn’t about having free time to do nothing, it’s about comfortably filling time with people, thoughts, ideas and events that excite and inspire you. These people can be friends, family, co-workers or strangers. The events can be as simple as walking on the beach or down a country lane, or as complex as learning a new language just because you want to. It is about having balance and deep-rooted contentedness. It is about being successful in your own eyes to your own benchmark regardless of the opinions of others.

Whatever your profession, social status, monetary situation or educational capacities, all that matters when all is said and done is the basics of how we measure up to our own standards and achievements. If we are truly content with who we are, what we do, what we have and who we have around us we can consider ourselves successful. The essence of success is to go right back to the basics we function with as children. As children we are unfiltered. We speak from our hearts, we play freely, we are fascinated with what is new and different, we have a sense of adventure and we have no benchmarks.

If we could return to those basics, incorporate them into our adult lives, in conjunction with the maturity and responsibility we must acquire as adults, perhaps when it is our turn to transition to the other side, we will do so with no regrets of what we should have, could have, would have taken the time to do with our lives.

Slow the pace, and take time to embrace and cherish the simplistic essence of just enjoying your life by your standards– because you can.

Deborah Johnson
Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

About the Author

Deborah Johnson

An Internationally-known Visionary, Medium and Keynote Speaker who utilizes over 20 years’ experience in working with others. Deborah works in person and by phone with clients seeking guidance and direction in their lives and also works extensively with corporate clients offering both an esteem and empowerment based venue, which dovetails effectively with traditional business practices, as well as private consultations focused specifically on the business at hand. A major avenue of interest for corporate clients is HR profiling. This also leads into how business professionals can tap into their own intuition to make the best decisions possible to avoid employee turnover, theft, or simply poor inter-office communications and relationship skills.

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