Published on August 11th, 2015 | by Mary Ann Matthews


Image. Imagine That!

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you pleased with your image? Do you need to change it?

There are lots of physical things we can do to change our physical image – weight loss, botox, plastic surgery, hair dye, etc. Let’s put the physical image aside for a moment.

What image are you unwittingly projecting to others? Many of us appear to others as being a perfectionist. Look at the graphic below – the loops in the stem of the ‘t’s. That’s someone who is sensitive to criticism about the jobs and tasks that they do. It doesn’t necessarily mean business-related tasks. It could be as simple as baking a cake.


The sensitive person is vulnerable to criticism and will try very hard to do that task to the best of her ability. All the sensitive person wants to do is avoid criticism. If her work is on time, flawless, etc., there is nothing left to criticize and she gets to protect that vulnerable little person inside.

And here comes that interesting word…PERCEPTION… and perception is everything, isn’t it? It is how others see us. It’s not necessarily who we really are.

THEY think that this sensitive soul is a perfectionist! She doesn’t see herself that way at all. All the writer wants to do is avoid criticism of her work. So she will try very hard to achieve that.

Back to the graphic above. Notice how the second hump on the ‘m’ is much higher than the first? This is an example of being self-conscious, feeling inferior to others.

The t-bar which crosses the stem of the ‘t’ is up fairly high, yet it is still attached to the stem. This is an example of someone who has confidence in their ability to achieve their goals. It is still attached to the stem, which means that her goals are realistic; she is not a day dreamer.

Self-confident people have faith in their competence. They can move confidently toward their goals because they are not hampered by a fear of failure. Look in the mirror. What do you see?

Mary Ann MatthewsWhat really matters is…

how you see yourself…

Mary Ann Matthews, CGA
Certified Graphoanalyst
Certified Cursive Writing Coach

About the Author

Mary Ann Matthews

A certified handwriting analyst since 1994, Mary Ann Matthews is the owner of Having a background in Human Resources as the Staffing Coordinator for a major real estate developer, Mary Ann’s area of expertise is in compatibility issues – whether it’s learning about that new person in your life, hiring a nanny for your children hiring a new employee, building a team, or finding out why a person gets along better with some people rather than others.

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