Published on April 27th, 2015 | by Janette Burke


How to Brand Yourself Like A Celebrity

As a former publicist/editor turned producer, with web TV host and video/media marketing expertise, clients frequently seek my advice for their personal branding campaign. Your personal branding must be focused on one goal – branding yourself as a celebrity within your marketplace. The key phrase here is "within your market." You don’t need to become the next Hollywood superstar – you just need to become the go-to-expert in your field. This involves branding yourself both as an authority and interesting individual. Why interesting? Because it’s not good enough simply to be considered good at what you do; you also need to be memorable. You need to stick in the minds of potential clients, who need your services. You want to be the first person they call! For some clients, this notion presents a problem. "There’s simply nothing memorable about me," they say. If you can relate, please pay attention. Anyone who is willing to commit themselves 100% to branding themselves as an expert can.

Whether in the entertainment industry, business or sports, there is a common misperception about celebrities that they are superior to the rest of us. Celebrities are perceived as being talented, smart, good looking, ambitious, funny, etc. In most cases, celebrities are no different than you and I.

What sets them apart you may ask? Take the average NFL player. He’s extremely good at football. Warren Buffet is tremendously gifted at finance. Justin Bieber is a great musician. Do see where I am going with this? Becoming a celebrity doesn’t mean transforming into a totally new person. It means getting remarkably good at one thing and then letting the world know about it.

This is where the process of celebrity branding comes in. Who are you? What are you good at? What gifts, skills, or knowledge distinguishes you from your competition? The answers to these questions formulate your personal brand. Whether you’re a forensic accountant or a beauty consultant, your brand should position you as an expert in your respective field – reflecting the specialized skills or knowledge that YOU have and communicate.

The next ingredient in your personal brand is – are you memorable? What makes you stand out from the rest – in the minds of your potential customers? Try stepping away from your business qualifications for a second and think about your personality. What makes you unique? Is it your hobbies or your sense of humor? Or maybe it’s your passion for music, movies, or sports? Identify two or three personality traits that make you special, and you’ve identified the "personal" part of your brand.

Branding yourself as a celebrity sounds intimidating, but in reality it is something most business owners can easily accomplish if they are serious about it. What is your area of business expertise? And what are your hobbies, passions and interesting personality traits? That’s all it takes. With commitment, hard work, and the right guidance, you can stop being your industry’s best-kept secret and stand-out as the expert, leader and the STAR you’re meant to be!

Janette Burke
Marketing/PR Coach, Consultant and Columnist

About the Author

Janette Burke

A branding/publicity consultant, coach, columnist, trainer and speaker and founding publicist of Prime Time PR - a boutique public and media relations marketing firm located in Thornhill."Janette's PR Process" is the comprehensive PR coaching and training program designed exclusively for small and mid-size organizations, entrepreneurs, professionals and book authors looking to get on board with PR

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