Published on January 1st, 2015 | by Karen Sencich


Home Transformation Using Organization

By Karen Sencich

The beginning of the year is a great time to review your home organization systems to determine how to make your storage more efficient and more effective. Sometimes changes in the smallest area can net positive big results.

Organizing isn’t about how your space looks; the true measure of success is how quickly you can find what you want when you need it.Too many of us waste too much time looking for things when we don’t have a visible organizing system.

The good news is that no matter what area of your home you wish to tackle first, the organizing process remains exactly the same: evaluate, eliminate, containerize and maintain. Let’s focus on reorganizing the linen closet which is a small, manageable task that can be completed in about an hour or two. Enlist another family member to work with you so that they’ll learn how to employ organizing systems in their personal space!

Step #1 – EVALUATE

  •  Empty the entire closet and clean the shelves.
  •  Note the main item categories i.e. sheets, towels, blankets, pillows etc.
  •  Determine if each item is best stored in this closet or somewhere else.
  •  Identify new categories of items to store in the linen closet. For example, a bin of medications or a first aid kit which can be quickly and easily accessed from the linen closet instead of from a locked bathroom. Families with young children may opt to keep all corrosive cleansers and other poisonous household items on a high shelf, out of reach of children, seniors and pets. To maximize safety, install a lock on the linen closet door.


  • Ruthlessly eliminate items that don’t belong and sort into subcategories:
  • Throw away anything stained, torn or worn out.
  • Give away or donate sheets and towels that don’t match décor.
  • Remove belongings best stored elsewhere i.e. wrapping paper and gift supplies are often kept in the linen closet but take up too much valuable real estate.


  •  Keep everything folded neatly and store folded sheets inside the pillow case.
  •  Maximize space by using large shrink bags to reduce the volume of bulky pillowsand comforters.
  •  Install towel bars inside the closet door to hold folded tablecloths and free up shelf space.

Step #4 – MAINTAIN

  • Stay on top of your new organizing system and tweak it until it works for your family.
  • To prevent items migrating back into thecloset, post an inventory on the inside of the closet door listing what goes where and also where other items have been reassigned. For example, sleeping bags may be stored in the basement along with camping equipment.

Options for Homes with no Linen Closet

  • Store sheets in bedroomdresser drawers.
  • Store towels and facecloths under the bathroom sink or install a swing out pole behind the bathroom door to hold a set of towels.
  • Utilize a wardrobe cabinet installed in a bedroom or hallway as a substitute linen closet.

Karen Sencich CPO
Certified Professional Organizer®, Speaker and Writer

About the Author

Karen Sencich

A speaker, writer and an award winning Professional Organizer. Her Havoc to Harmony strategies overcome life's obstacles. She has self-published numerous organizing booklets and she has been featured on Canada AM and in Chatelaine. She provides training through Professional Organizers in Canada and also at Sheridan College.

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