Published on April 1st, 2014 | by Deborah Johnson


Getting Out Of Our Own Way…

We’ve all heard the term ‘it’s all in your head.’ What if that truly is the case? What if every area of our lives from our health, to our career path, to our financial decisions, hinges on our mental/emotional awareness and resulting physical actions and decisions?

What if we have the capacity mentally to create success in whatever we set our minds to? Think for a minute about the power of mind over matter; mind over body. Is acknowledging and trusting the signals our subconscious constantly provides our conscious mind, the key we seek to optimum awareness and empowerment?

Could how we use our mind conceivably control the dynamics of our lives to such an extent that we could determine our own destiny by what we mentally attract and repel?

Science is not only proving but recognizing that intuition is an actual brain function. If this is the case then is it possible we can increase our mental capacities intentionally and if so, to what degree?

We are conditioned to limit ourselves. From our earliest years we are taught with ‘don’t’, ‘can’t, ‘shouldn’t: Words, which although intended to be protective, unintentionally set the boundaries we mentally, emotionally and physically adhere to subconsciously.

If from infancy we could encourage and intentionally condition our children positively, we have the potential to develop children who know no limits and naturally excel in all they do.

As adults we seek tools to better ourselves, enrich our lives, grow and expand. Everything we do that involves learning in any way expands our brains’ capacity to become sharper, more aware, more attuned.

Exercise and appropriate diet also play a key role in maximizing our awareness. Like the engine of a car, if junk is poured into the gas line, the car will run rough or seize altogether. If clean, quality gasoline is used, the car will operate optimally. Our bodies and minds are no different. If we provide our bodies with quality nutrients and effective exercise, not only will our bodies reflect this in the form of good health, but our minds will also reap the benefits. Add mental stimulation combined with limitless mental/emotional boundaries, and we could begin to access areas of our mind yet untapped.

Fear of the unknown limits us tremendously; yet once fear is removed we grow exponentially. A dear elderly friend of mine recounted a story from her youth; she was asked to go door to door in the community selling a new service. She stated she has never had so many doors slammed in her face, told to get off property, called names, and been accused of evil and witchery as she did with this particular job. To this day she chuckles at the reaction residents had to what she offered. What service was she trying to sell that was rejected with such vehemence? Residential electricity – she was offering homeowners electricity.

Deborah JohnsonFear, lack of knowledge and limited awareness caused those she dealt with to reject what she was offering. If we are mentally open to entertaining all possibilities we remove self-imposed limits, we allow ourselves to truly grow and reach our maximum potential!

Providing the balance between mind, body and emotion will open the pathway to increased mental awareness.

Deborah Johnson
Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

About the Author

Deborah Johnson

An Internationally-known Visionary, Medium and Keynote Speaker who utilizes over 20 years’ experience in working with others. Deborah works in person and by phone with clients seeking guidance and direction in their lives and also works extensively with corporate clients offering both an esteem and empowerment based venue, which dovetails effectively with traditional business practices, as well as private consultations focused specifically on the business at hand. A major avenue of interest for corporate clients is HR profiling. This also leads into how business professionals can tap into their own intuition to make the best decisions possible to avoid employee turnover, theft, or simply poor inter-office communications and relationship skills.

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