Published on August 10th, 2015 | by Susan Baka


Create an image that sells

One of the most powerful sales tools is the intangible emotional response your company brings to mind. In other words your brand. You may have a great product or service, but if it doesn’t resonate with customers the way others do, then you will lose the sale to the competition.

It is possible to develop and leverage a brand cost-effectively. First, understand what you want your image to convey…then convey it. I’m not referring to a logo. Image is so much more: it is the whole character of your business that is relayed through every communication – from your stationery and e-mails to phone calls, ads and online presence. An effective brand tells the world who you are, what you do, and how you do it – your value proposition.

Elements of a company’s marketing image:

• Have a powerful, smart website: it needn’t be large and expensive, but be sure to work with web experts who understand business and know how to make the content and graphics convey a professional image of you and your company.

• Should you jump on the social media bandwagon?: yes, absolutely, but only if your target audience uses it. If they do, then determine how social media marketing will help you achieve your objectives and make sure that whoever is providing content a) has been allocated enough time to do it well and b) understands the language and tone that best reflects your image.Cute, upbeat wording that uses lots of !!! may not suit a financial advisor or auto parts wholesaler.

• Publish an E-newsletter: done well, this is an affordable, fast, easy-to-manage and measurable marketing tool that delivers results and reinforces your brand. Elements of a company’s “face.” And yes, that means you, the owner.

• Prepare a succinct, 25-word description of what you do and how you do it: think of it as “elevator speak” – how you would quickly and effectively tell this to a stranger during a short elevator ride. Practise until it sounds natural and comfortable. You will be surprised how often this exercise will prove useful and how well it conveys your brand.

Invest in a professional photograph of yourself: in the work I do, I often interview businesswomen and am surprised at how seldom they have professional shots. Remember that the image you supply is the image you project. How should you look to best represent your image? If you sell casual clothing, then wear it. Keep your power suit for meeting with investors. Consider doing the photo shoot somewhere that reflects your brand. If you have a store or restaurant then location is obvious, but if you work in an office environment, it can be a bit tougher. Think about the end user or end result your product or service delivers. If you provide environmental solutions, for instance, an outdoor backdrop might be best.

Susan BakaA meaningful emotional connection with your audience will help your business thrive. Remember to convey your company’s uniqueness and deliver your message consistently and you will have succeeded in creating a powerful brand.

Susan Baka,
President Bay Communications & Marketing Inc.

About the Author

Susan Baka

A business content expert, Susan Baka, President of Bay Communications & Marketing Inc., specializes in marketing strategies and in launching, writing and producing newsletters and web sites that showcase her clients' expertise. Her firm is one of the first to be certified by corporate-led WEConnect Canada that opens doors for women entrepreneurs into the supply chains of companies and government.

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