Published on January 21st, 2015 | by Janette Burke


Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business

Content marketing is the marketer’s darling today, but its concepts date back to the 1800’s when John Deere started The Furrow Magazine as a way to share his expertise about farming

The difference now is the Internet. Everyone can be a publisher, and they can use that content in a multitude of ways to demonstrate their expertise, attract buyers, develop and nurture client relationships, build their credibility and prove they are trustworthy.

Since no-one can walk into your office and pick up your widget, it’s easy to display your efforts as a “service peddler.” Aside from hearing from others how well you’ve helped them, the only way a “prospect can decide whether they want to work with you is by examining you.

Content marketing makes that possible.

More than publishing articles and white papers, content marketing also involves making connections with people in the online world. Being part of a community increases your level of trust.

Through your site’s content, such as reviews written by folks in the community, guest posts from business leaders in your town, and exchanges on Facebook among your neighbours, you show these connections effortlessly.

Other Ways Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business…

Increase Sales – Sharing your content on social media networks allows you to build an online following. The more giving you are and the more you communicate with followers, the more likely they are to visit your pages and respond to your posts. Consistently reach out to prospects, invite feedback and comments, personalize communication with prospects, provide educational content, and connect your content with a sales call to

Turn Audience Members into Clients – If you speak at events, chances are slim someone will come up to you after your talk and say they want to buy your services. The speaking engagement is the first step in networking with and engaging potential buyers.

Content you produce can go a long way toward nurturing relationships with people you meet at speaking events.

Turn Clients into Advocates – It’s easier to get current clients to buy from you than to persuade prospects who don’t know a thing about you to buy from you. Imagine if your clients helped with your sales and marketing—that they became advocates for your company. You could have a select group of clients who not only refer you to others but who write blog posts and social media posts on your behalf and even speak up for you and your services in community forums, simply because they love your service.

Janette BurkeJanette Burke
Marketing/PR Coach, Consultant and Columnist

About the Author

Janette Burke

A branding/publicity consultant, coach, columnist, trainer and speaker and founding publicist of Prime Time PR - a boutique public and media relations marketing firm located in Thornhill."Janette's PR Process" is the comprehensive PR coaching and training program designed exclusively for small and mid-size organizations, entrepreneurs, professionals and book authors looking to get on board with PR

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