Published on January 23rd, 2015 | by Jessy Morrison


Change Versus Transformation

Winter is beautiful…the autumn leaves are gone and a blanket of crisp white snow can be exciting and invigorating. It stirs my inner juices and gets me fired up. I plan, I forecast, I see the changes I wish to make and I take action. I like change.

Change is inevitable, with the seasons, with weather, with our children, jobs, careers, business, loves, relationships, health, clothes, hairstyles, phone numbers, addresses … We trade in tricycles for bicycles, and upgrade from bikes to cars.

Change is unavoidable; it is the only constant in our universe and therefore to be expected, not feared. Changes are transformative. They are all milestones, Rites of passage, Growth!

Besides “How can anything change for the better if nothing changes?” If you want to change anything in your life, you have to change something in your life!

Sadly many people fear change, they expend a lot of energy trying to keep things the same. They get stuck. They see change as bad, destructive, as a loss.

When we resist change we make life hard, traumatic. It’s going to happen anyway, resistance is futile!

OK I admit change can be downright scary, bumpy, risky and sometimes painful! But that is because we have stepped into a new unknown territory, and we no longer have a familiar map to show us the way. We probably have to make our own map. But that is ok. We are who we are because of what we have experienced.

Think back to when you were deciding to go to university, or get a new job; move away from home or make yourself vulnerable and open to a new relationship. In choosing to create and embrace change we find life exhilarating, exciting, and alive.

We use the words transition and change interchangeably these days, but they are NOT the same. People often only change long enough to achieve a goal and then go back to what they used to do. Change is temporary. Transformation is MORE than change! It is more than a make-over. It happens inside you, – body mind and soul. You are living the change and can never go back. You think differently, you feel differently, you know things in a deeper way.

I liken it to metamorphosis. Imagine the tiny caterpillar crawling into its chrysalis or cocoon to emerge and completely transform into another being. Transformation is permanent.

Look at your life in hindsight; it will give you insight to every time change was a gift for you. Life is not predictable, it is wild, uncontrollable, unplanned, unexpected.

You are energy, and energy is constantly moving, vibrating, resonating, changing, transforming evolving.

Honour changes with loving attention, an attitude of gratitude, with new found curiosity and awareness, and you too will transform. You are an infinite being; it is your choice to look at it as a victim – that life is happening TO you; or ride the wave and realize that the journey is happening FOR you.

Celebrate the changes, the transitions beyond your previous comfort zone, and live your transformation. Because you have transformed, you are the change!

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About the Author

Jessy Morrison

As an Energy Healer Jessy Morrison is an accomplished and beloved Reiki Teacher, a highly intuitive & results oriented Health and Wellness Mentor. Jessy Morrison has helped hundreds of people improve their health and happiness, when doctors gave them NO HOPE of recovery for their allergies, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, menopause...

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