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‘Kick the bucket’ is a phrase used in writing since 1785, the connotation being when you die. But ‘Bucket List’ is a relatively new phrase in our cultural lexicon only used for about 10 years.  I never understood why anyone would want a Bucket List which expresses  a compilation of all the things you want to do or places you want to visit before you ‘kick the bucket’.

People are scurrying all over the globe to gaze at man-made structures both old and new to produce ‘selfies’ at sacred sites and at natural phenomena locations in order to check one more item off their personal list.  What is the purpose of this?

How long ought your list to be? It rather reminds me of a school assignment.  Some students will produce a moderate effort. Some will ignore the assignment completely.  Procrastinators have a will but not a way of completing the assignment. Then there are the over achievers.

What if life gets in the way?  What if your poor health; failure in personal finances or responsibilities for care-giving prevents you from completing your list? Some Bucketeers may opt out of the quest due to concerns of reduced quality of airport travel or safety concerns in certain countries. Would there be a sense of failure aspect for not achieving your goals and feeling regretful or disappointed?

I still don’t get it! Technology is so advanced that you can take a virtual tour of any place on your list in the cell phone in your palm.  You will save yourself a lot of money and perhaps some aggravation of travel, especially Delhi-Belly or some Montezuma’s Revenge stomach bug. I am reading several new books that prove the history books are wrong about the age of most of the pyramids and megaliths around the world and who constructed them. So my contention is what is the point of hopping hither and yon around the planet? Shouldn’t the real journey be within…an introspective adventure seeking a new list?

Here are my suggestions for a Revised Bucket List before you ‘kick the bucket’:

                        1. Did I aspire to inspire before I expired?

                        2. How much time, generosity, admiration and respect did I give to others?

                        3. What legacy of love am I leaving?

                        4. Did I appreciate and help Mother Nature?

                        5. Did I leave the earth a better place because of me?

                        6. Did I laugh, love, learn and live to the fullest each day on earth?

How many checks can you make on this revised list, Bucketeers?

Linda Thorn, Freelance Writer
Author of Beautiful Joe

About the Author

Linda Thorn

re-tells the well loved dog story of Beautiful Joe. Her book, Beautiful Joe- A true dog rescue story, is a poem format of the timeless and universally loved story by Margaret Marshall Saunders. This new book returns Joe to his Georgian Bay roots where his true story took place. Editor and graphic designer, Kelsey Carriere created an 1894 era theme for this delightful and visually attractive book which enhances the original turn of the century novel. Linda’s version describes in rhyme, the true story of the cruelly mistreated mongrel pup called Joe and his grateful rescue to a family who loved him in spite of his appearance. Joe lived a long happy life and there are actual photos of Joe’s gravesite and park. A portion of each book sale is donated to The Beautiful Joe Heritage Society which endorses this enterprise. There are 14 artistic new sketches by artist, Lin Souliere. Find a surprise sketched on each page for younger children. However, the book appeals to adults who will want this new version by e-book or print copy in their collection alongside the original book which sold 7 million copies in 14 languages by 1934. Author: Beautiful Joe- a true dog rescue story

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