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Lorraine Leslie, CLC, CVT
Certified Business & Life Coach


* Meditation Coaching
* Life Coaching
* Validation Therapy
* Business and Career Mentoring
* Coaching via Skype

Business Mentor

Life Line Transformational Coaching is your professional and caring link to building personal awareness and passion. Learn through psycho spiritual coaching how to transform your wants, needs and desires. Take your life long hopes and dreams and make them a reality while taking your life to the next highest level in today’s every changing environment.

Validation Therapy will bring you closer to your loved ones. Through one on one and or group coaching you will come to better understand why life’s past challenges are keeping you stuck today. Ongoing support and confirmation through the validation process will motivate and encourage the real you to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Business & Career Mentoring will help you to learn how to improve your marketing and communication skills while achieving your business goals. Together with Coach Lorraine, you will put together profes-
sionally tailored strategies designed for you to achieve specific and measurable business development.

The benefits of working with Coach Lorraine:

* Discover your true wants, needs and desires
* Learn how to find time to focus on you
* Learn to understand your dreams and goals through positive visualization
* Learn how to create a journal/vision book to manifest your goals
* Learn to become more aware of yourself and your surroundings
* Learn to understand who you really are and your unlimited potential

I invite you to give me a call to discuss your thoughts and desires…
Taking the first step could open the door to a new and exciting future.
In office or phone coaching available by appointment – Minimum one hour in length
“Life is full of lessons to be learned; learn your lessons and you’ll live a fulfilling life.”

Lorraine Leslie

Confidential * Individual * Couples * Families * Groups

Life Line Transformational Coaching is a Division of Women with Vision Inc.

Lorraine Leslie is an award winning and seasoned certified coach and entrepreneur. She is known for transforming her clients through one on one or group coaching that takes them from their ordinary everyday existence to become focused energetic people. An expert in time management, business development and strategic planning Lorraine teaches her clients how to run their lives and or businesses more efficiently while learning to enjoy the better things in life.

LL_head_shot_300Her years as a police officer, professional fitness instructor/trainer and business administrator gave Lorraine the public relation skills that attract clients of all ages and from all walks of life. Recognized for her unwavering dedication and caring domineer people are drawn to her creative conferences, networking events and empowering self-guided workshops.

A successful businesswoman in her own right, Lorraine understands the need for personal transformation. Her natural ability to envision ideas and turn them into reality has been proven time and time again. Through educating, motivating and inspiring thousands of people over the years she now owns and publishes her own magazine and continues to coach others in business, marketing and personal development. Men and women seek her out because her business creativity and excellent communication skills. Lorraine helps her clients gain a new perspective in their personal and professional lives. By teaching others to prioritize and take control of their ‘life line’ they learn to enhance their underlying organization and operating skills to run a successful business on a day to day basis.

“Corporations have their executive teams, boards of directors, consultants and staff. Entrepreneurs too often have only one person to turn to: themselves. As market cycles continue to compress and accelerate, the challenges can become overwhelming.”

Lorraine steps in to change and redevelop the inner person and then encourages and coaches that person’s individual challenges. This is done through one-on-one consultations, monthly support groups, workshops and seminars that helps people clarify their priorities, identify quick wins, map out action steps, and follow through on their plans.

Lorraine Leslie is a warm and a dynamic presenter with hands-on experience working in retail management; the hospitality industry; public and private education, charity fundraising and giving back to her community while juggling work and family. She is a Certified Validation Therapist, Psycho Spiritual Life Coach, Business and Life Skills Coach and a Certified-Trained Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer through the YM-YWCA. She is a member of the Canadian Independent Business Association and Access Canada, WBWBA and a recipient of many local prestigious awards and Provincial and National Nomination. Lorraine is very proud to be an invited participant of the continuing round table discussions with Canada’s Status of Women.

For an appointment with Lorraine Leslie please call 1-866-306-6021 or email:

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