Published on September 1st, 2014 | by Marilyn Wetston


ABC’S of Dressing Well

We all learn to read and write and build a vocabulary so we can communicate with one another. Each year the dictionary adds new words like “Selfie”. To relate we need to keep up with the language of today both verbally and in the way we dress. Author Malcom Gladwell pointed out that we create an impression in the time it takes to blink!

Dressing is a key method of communicating. Your clothes are the vocabulary and how you combine them pulls together your message. Your accessories are the punctuation.

Usually the more exact the word you use to share an idea the less words you have to say. A current and varied vocabulary gives you the most efficient way to express an idea. Similarly, the fashion world offers new trends each season so we have new ways of expressing ourselves. We can take our basics, add fresh items and reinvent ourselves so our look has positive impact and relates effectively. The truer our selections of trends are to ourselves, the more pared down our outfit can be. To speak well with our clothes we need to explore the new trends and find what best expresses our message.

This fall the top 10 trends are:

  • Leather items or leather trim on clothing
  • Leopard prints for anything including foot wear.
  • Colors – red, rosy tones and aubergine, cobalt blue, nature greens both cool and warm, and friendly orange.
  • Non –colors such as black, navy, taupe, grey, mocha and winter white.
  • Color blocking a la Piet Mondrian. Stripes, dots and floral prints add to a solid mix.
  • Oversize blazer and a general men’s wear look
  • Pants of all leg styles and lengths from leggings to slim to boot leg to wide palazzos and event culottes
  • Butterfly motif items including jewellery and as patterns on fabrics used for everythingincluding handbags and shoes.
  • Scarves, shawls and capes to drape over anything, indoors and out!
  • Knits –tops, bottoms, and dresses. Head to toe knit look is comfy as well as chic.

Review the trend list above. Select what speaks to you and helps you look and feel your best. Eliminate the trends that are definitely not for you and enjoy the refresh of adding your favouritesto your existing wardrobe.

Marilyn WetstonYour goal is to frame yourself so you make eye contact in clothes that make you feel as if you are wearing a second skin. Human connection requires clear communication. Build your skills to use your wardrobe to create your unique message this season and every season. Reinvent yourself so you dress every day to create the impression you desire; always keeping in touch with the authentic you. Be sure to clothe yourself with items that create a balanced and proportioned look. Highlight your positive qualities. Camouflage what you wish and finish with a “selfie” that reflects your best you!

Fashion trends are yours to help you speak to everyone including your contemporaries. Select carefully, then enjoy the effect of the messages you create with your updated wardrobe.

Marilyn Wetston,
The Wardrobe Doctor

About the Author

Marilyn Wetston

Every Saturday morning at 8, Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight FROM A WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE, on AM740, Zoomer Radio. Marilyn is a multi-faceted woman entrepreneur, who is passionate about helping individuals lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life regardless of their age or challenges. She proves that style and function can be combined both in her role as the Wardrobe Doctor and as the Co-founder of the ReliAble Living Centre in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District at 200 Spadina Avenue

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