Published on April 18th, 2016 | by Lynda Pogue


Dream Big

Some of you will remember experiencing the splashiness of the oversized ‘Life’ magazine… and your parents, grandparents and even your great-great-grandparents probably read it. (It ran weekly from 1883 to 1972.) My friends and family poured over every page because of the excellent articles and stunning images. (Kind of like the magazine you are reading right now!) Some of the world’s best writers and photographers were in those pages. Many of us explored the universe, learned new ideas and were introduced to famous and infamous people through Life magazine.

I distinctly recall a story that was on the first page when you opened the cover.

The index was always at the top of the page and below was a personal story or clever insight from Louden Wainwright, Jr. (Grandfather of Rufus Wainwright).

I’ve remembered this particular little personal story all my life because it gave me permission to dream big.

Mr. Wainwright described how he met and fell in love with a woman who was a dreamer like he was. He explained that often, when they went to bed, he and his wife would talk in the dark, with great detail; about the sailboat they would build. What would it look like?  How would the sails sound flapping in the wind?  How would the sea spray feel on their faces?  How would they navigate to many exciting ports of call?  Who would they meet?

He said that this nighttime murmuring went on for many joyous years. He ended the article by saying that they both knew but never spoke about the fact that there would never be a sailboat and they would never be sailing around the world. He said that the dream is what made them human and brought them endless hours of sheer happiness.

I love that story. It tells me about the immeasurable satisfaction and pleasure the imagination can bring. It’s like your own personal inner-storytelling.

So, dear woman with vision, dreaming of living in France in a perfect little garret that you’re sharing with poets and artists …and every morning walking down your circular staircase to your regular café on the boulevard and sipping a café au lait is magnifique!

If you’re the type of person who likes to dream on paper and create such things as a Bucket List, go for it!

Perhaps some of your dreams will become a reality.

Perhaps some will remain simply as sweet dreams.

Give yourself permission to dream big.

Lynda Pogue
Writer, Artist, Professor, Keynote Speaker

About the Author

Lynda Pogue

is a popular writer, artist, professor, world-class keynote speaker, consultant, and workshop leader who delights in belly laughs, genuine people, her husband, her family and friendship. She believes in the power of positive energy.

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